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If you are looking to install the latest software to your Mercedes-Benz model, but aren’t quite sure where to start, you have come to the right place. Learn all you need to know about updating the software on your Mercedes-Benz from your friendly Mercedes-Benz dealer serving St. Paul and Minneapolis. Schedule an appointment with our Mercedes-Benz service center for expert assistance updating your software!

Updating the Media Interface Plus

To update Media Interface Plus (MIP) in order to enable the Text (SMS) / Email read-out and reply functionality, Application software and Bootloader software need to be installed. Please be advised the USB adapter cable (included in scope of delivery) is required. The following three steps need to be taken for the software update:

  1.  Reading out the current Media Interface Plus Software version:

    To display the current software version, select “Playlist > Settings > Show MI plus software version”. Before installing the new software, the MIP should NOT read the following software version as indicated below, as it means the new software is already loaded on the MIP

  2. Installing the Application software:

    In order to install the Application software, the folder “” has to be extracted using Winzip to a compatible flash drive (USB stick). IF PROMPTED A PASSWORD, PLEASE ENTER “mbusa”. Please verify that only the folder “REL_0057” and the two files “do_update” and “update.cfg” are present in the directory of your flash drive. With the MIP connected to the Media Interface outlet, select “Music > Playlist > Settings > MI plus software update”. After connecting the flash drive (USB stick) to the USB adapter cable, the MIP Bluetooth icon will turn blue. This indicates the MIP is currently being upgraded. Once the light will turn off after approximately 20 – 30 seconds, the flash drive can be removed and the software for the MIP has been successfully updated. Disconnect the MIP from the Media Interface Outlet and reconnect. After booting has finished, select “Playlist > Settings > Show MI plus software version”. The software version should read now “00.57 2 00.47 , xx 14 4”.

  3.  Installing the Bootloader software Extract the Bootloader software:

    “” to a compatible flash drive (USB stick) using Winzip. IF PROMPTED A PASSWORD, PLEASE ENTER “mbusa”. Verify that only the Bootloader software is present on the USB stick and the Application software has been removed. Only the following files should be on the flash drive “REL_0055” and the two files “do_update” and “update.cfg”. Follow the same steps as installing the new Software application.

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